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CPD for Professionals

photograph of a labyrinth carved into rock

Breathing & Relaxation -
An experiential workshop

Zana as a facilitator

I'm Zana and I'm a counsellor working in private practice. I'm also a well-qualified and experienced Antenatal Educator, with a Level 5 qualification in Adult Education: Antenatal Education.


What this means is that alongside learning about pregnancy, labour, birth, feeding a baby and looking after a newborn, I also learned about adult education and facilitation. I have devised, tailored and delivered antenatal education to groups and individuals for around 25 years. 

I'm informal, fairly relaxed yet organised, and I bring much of 'me' and my personality to my work. As you'll see from my feedback, people seem to appreciate this.

I've facilitated well-received training and workshops for counsellors and student counsellors as well as student midwives, hypnobirthing student teachers, and, of course, groups of expectant parents. I was invited back to the college where I qualified as a counsellor to deliver 1-day workshops for personal development through creative approaches. 

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